all photographs at 100 ISO unless stated otherwise


Mountains in the sky, 20th Jan 2019
f/13, 1/40 sec, 265mm (20 shot stitched panorama)

All of the Coniston and Langdale Mountains lit up at sunrise on the morning of 20th Jan, 2019. The cloud was lying low so the mountains were often isolated in their sky islands. A lot of shots to process, as you might imagine, but thought I’d start with this 20 shot panorama taken at 265mm. The source file of this one is 32086 x 6224 pixels, so I’m planning a 4+ metre print of this… 😁!!


Claife & Latterbarrow

Cloud Inversion over Windermere from Wise Een Tarn, December 2018.
f/14, 1/100 sec, 51mm

Some of my favourite shots have been taken from nearby Moss Eccles or Wise Een Tarn. On Christmas Eve I woke up early and saw the forecast on the “Clear Outside” app which told me that staying in bed would be a bad idea :). After hiking up the track I waited near Wise Een for the sunrise and searched for a composition north towards Langdale. However, thankfully I also turned around and saw this cloud cover over Windermere.


Wise Een Tarn with Bowfell in background, December 2018
f/10, 1/200 sec, 256mm

The compression at this focal length is incredible. Bowfell looks like it is only just behind Knipe Fold. The views from Wise Een Tarn really are some of my favourite in the Lake District, and fantastic to pick out compositions with a long lens.


Wise Een Tarn & Crinkle Crags at Sunrise, December 2018
f/11, 1/30 sec, 100mm

Lucky Shot... I was on a different part of the hill when I realised the moon would reflect in the Tarn, so I ran around the hill like a loon with the tripod rig looking for the best composition I could find and took a bunch while the reflection was there. This shot was the first I took, before it fell too low and the reflection was gone. Turned out I had about 2 minutes to grab the shot. By the time I’d finished I realised I couldn’t remember where my kit bag was 🤣. (I eventually found it - it was about 200m away!)


Tarn Hows

Tarn Hows, December 2018
f/11, 15 sec, 40mm. Lee IRND 4 Stop

Winter is a great time to visit Tarn Hows if you are looking for peace coupled with mood & atmosphere.


Tom Gill Falls (Middle Section), Boxing Day 2018
f/10, 2 sec, 31mm, Lee IRND 4 Stop + Polariser

In twenty years of visiting Tarn Hows, I never visited the falls. However, on Boxing Day 2018 I did, and it was fully elemental. Armed with CB Radios*, the family and I avoided the crowds on the standard path and I (just) managed to avoid falling in the water with full unpacked kit while setting up this photograph. *the radios are a perfect solution to the “have you finished yet?” Photographers conundrum 😇


Blea Tarn

Blea Tarn, December 2018
f/14, 5 sec, 18mm, Lee IRND 4 Stop + Polariser

Definitely one of my favourite shots. This is a 3x1 aspect ratio extracted from a photograph shot at 18mm.


The Blea Tarn Light Machine, 2nd Jan 2019
f/13, 1/2 sec, 46mm, Lee 3 Stop Medium Grad + Polariser

The reflections on this shot are so clear it almost looks like an optical illusion, but it isn’t. This is what it really looked like on the 2nd of January 2019.


Blea Tarn Reflections, 28 December 2018
f14, 4 sec, 29mm, Lee IRND 4 Stop + Polariser.

Probably my favourite composition from Blea Tarn. I look forward to heading back when the trees are in different condition, or maybe even for snow on the ground…


Above Blea Tarn, Little Langdale, 2nd Jan 2019

A fantastic afternoon spent at a partly frozen Blea Tarn yesterday. The Tarn was looking so good I spent most of my time there but the scene up above the Tarn was still excellent by the time I got there. I hope this captures it.


Lingmoor Fell & Mickleden


Langdale Pikes at Sunset from Lingmoor Fell, New Years Day 2019
f/14, 4 sec, 31mm. Lee Polariser + 4 stop IRND + 3 stop medium grad

For this shot I knew I needed to make sure I was there for when the light would be hitting the Pikes. I’m glad I did. Brilliant sharp shadows being cast on the fells.


Lingmoor & Mickleden, New Years Day 2019
f/13, 3.2 sec, 26mm, Lee IRND 4 stop + 3 stop medium grad + Polariser.

It was a beautiful day on New Year’s Day, and understandably there were a lot of people up on the Fells. I looked back through the shots I took up on Lingmoor Fell to try to find another composition, as I knew I’d taken some wide shots which looked down into Great Langdale. I like the way this one takes you along the wall, up on to the Pikes and down back through the grassy plains of Mickleden, or down the steeper ridge of The Band if you prefer 😊. It took some patience waiting for the foreground to clear for this shot, but just managed it.


Far Sawrey


Tree separated from the mist, Far Sawrey, Christmas Eve 2018


Looking down to St Peters Church, Far Sawrey. December 2018


Sun & Mist in Far Sawrey, Christmas Eve 2018



Copurnicus & Tycho, Moon, December 2018
f/11, 1/50 sec, 560mm.



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